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Darcy and the Dinosaurs

Blooturtle Publishing

While sneaking a cookie from the jar he hears a strange noise coming from his mother’s vegetable garden. What he discovers takes him on a wild adventure! A Time Machine brings him back to the age of the dinosaurs. There he flies, falls, feels like a giant and like an ant when coming face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex!  Join Darcy as he learns that curiosity can take you places beyond your wildest dreams.

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Ballerina Monkey

Blooturtle Publishing

Malik is a typical little monkey – he loves to swing through the jungle trees with his friends. But unlike the other monkeys Malik also wants to dance – if only he knew how!  In fact, Malik loves nothing more than watching the beautiful flamingos dance their special ballet dance.

But monkeys aren’t supposed to dance – they’re supposed to swing like acrobats through the trees.

So when Malik plucks up the courage to ask the flamingos for dancing lessons, the other monkeys laugh and make fun of him.

Determined to do what he loves, Malik soon learns the importance of staying true to himself and the joy of following his dreams.

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